#CloseTheCamps The Movement For Black Lives Statement of Solidarity


The  Majority, a coalition representing movements and communities across the country including M4BL joins United We Dream and Indigenous Environmental Network and others in calling for an end to the caging and separation of families, the harming of children and the inexcusable violence carried out by the Trump Administration. We find ourselves in a moment where the attacks on our immigrant family feel all too similar to the attacks inflicted on Black and Indigenous people across history and across the nation, and reminiscent of the  forced imprisonment of Japanese descendants in the 1940s. In fact, Fort Sill in Oklahoma, the site of the upcoming mobilization, was first used to imprison Apache Indigenous people, later used to intern Japanese immigrants and is now being used to detain migrant children– one site of many with a painful history. We cannot allow this administration to continue to criminalize immigrants and those in search of asylum and refuge. We need to recognize root causes, and the fact that many migrants face climate change and economic disenfranchisement at home as a direct result of US foreign policy. We join The Majority and call on our members, allies and friends to step up and take action to close the camps, abolish ICE and end deportation. Many of us have already been taking to the streets demanding justice. You can show support by organizing your own local protest at detention centers or profiteering companies; join forces in Lawton, Oklahoma on July 20th; and amplify the call to action across your networks. Now more than ever we must protect and defend each other with renewed courage and strength in the face of white supremacy. #CloseTheCamps #AbolishICE #AbolishThePolice